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The Logistik-Netzwerk Baden-Wuerttemberg “LogBW” has started its work in 2010. For its initialisation Ernst Pfister, minister of economic affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg, handed over a notice of granting counting 500 thousand Euro in total for the following three years at the 3rd logistics congress of Baden-Wuerttemberg which took place on November 10th 2010 in Stuttgart.

The objective of the project is to build-up a statewide network for the logistics sector focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as sciences. This network shall create an abundance of ideas, generate and disseminate innovations. Thereby growth impulses shall be animated, which will go much further than the core tasks of logistics like material flow and transportation. Being a transverse section, logistics can unlock additional potentials for production and commerce.

Primarily the development of the statewide logistics network of Baden-Wuerttemberg intends to reveal the existing competencies of external and internal logistics in the country and to facilitate the access. As a platform for coordinated collaboration between economics and sciences the network will vitalize the transfer of innovations, enlarge and develop the support of enterprises, strengthen the innovation ability and improve the public perception of the logistics sector.

Part of the networks main tasks will be the enhancement of internationalisation, the contribution towards the improvement of existing framework conditions for SME and thereby the creation of a considerable added value for all stakeholders.

“In terms of current logistical issues we will bring together the interested associates and will maintain the cooperation”, explained the general manager, Holger Bach, “Thereby we do not only use already existing contacts to scientific institutions but also to existing networks. So, our associate, the “Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg”, is the only german logistical initiative being part of the “Inititive Kompetenznetze Deutschland” and represents the outstanding position of Baden-Wuerttemberg supplying technologies for logistics. In the sector of transportation we can look back to the longstanding work of KLOK e.V. as the regional logistics competence center and with our bureau in Mannheim we furthermore have a site whose local economy shows a considerable international focus in this field. Beyond that, associations and regional clusters are strongly interested in increasing specialized exchanges.”

LogBW is located in two offices: in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart where KLOK e.V. is based in and at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Mannheim.

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